Learn about our online math community!

We just finished our 4th year!!! Get ready for 2024! This innovative, online math program is preparing to welcome the next group of Massachusetts students to: 

  • Learn financial literacy.
  • Gain new math skills.

In one summer, students will explore real-world projects while working in small peer groups using the latest digital learning tools.

This is NOT School! This is NOT camp! The Biggest Winner Math Challenge is an EXPERIENCE! Students work with peers from across Massachusetts – applying math to real-world challenges, exploring new learning technologies, and networking with students from across the state while learning new skills. 

Hear what last summer’s students are saying about their EXPERIENCE!

No driving.  No pickup.  Easy access, online learning community. 

We engage students from anywhere when they join others in a new way to explore and apply math skills.

What last summer parents are saying about their children’s EXPERIENCE!

For Parents


The Biggest Winner Math Challenge is an innovative program for students showing their love and interest in math. Your child can explore math with other exceptional students from across the state.

This is nothing like school! In fact, this six-week program meets just three times a week for 60 to 90-minute sessions. So, your child won’t have to give up summer while they learn new things and meet other academically motivated students.

The program is convenient for parents since it’s remote. Just log on, and they’re into a world created for them and their peers. Students are exposed to educators from across the country that leads virtual sessions where they are engaged and learn how to work with peers from across the state and the country. 

Students overwhelmingly love The Biggest Winner Math Challenge, and parents love to see their kids engaged in fun and educational activities. That’s why over half of participating parents rate the program as EXCELLENT!

This community for students transforms the way math is taught today. Click on “Learn More” to be the first to know when invitations go out, and enrollment opens.  

This is a pilot program, so seats are minimal and generally available for students in Massachusetts Gateway Cities.

This is a pilot program, so seats are minimal and generally available for students in Massachusetts Gateway Cities.

Teen interns earn while they learn in virtual classrooms

Ed Inquiry’s Head of The Class Teen Leadership Program empowers Massachusetts High School students through exposure to the real world of work in education. Academically motivated students face a rigorous program where they are trained to work alongside an experienced classroom teacher in virtual classes filled with advanced middle school students looking for challenges. Head of The Class Teen Leadership Program is an innovative new initiative supporting motivated young adults ready to take on work and career challenges. 

High school students must apply for a position and be available three and a half days per week during the six-week summer program. Each teen intern will be paired with an instructor from across the country who will serve as a mentor. The program will also provide the skills needed to succeed now and in the future.

Whether pursuing a future career in education, leading a team,  communicating effectively in the digital age, or preparing for college, the teens in Ed Inquiry’s Head of The Class Teen Leadership Program will be equipped with the tools they need to thrive and succeed in an ever-changing world.

Hear what last summer’s Teen Leaders are saying about their EXPERIENCE!

Educators network and collaborate with colleagues across the nation

Rediscover the craft of teaching while inspiring students eager to challenge you and learn from each other. 

Join fifty other motivated math instructors selected nationwide to work with Massachusetts’s most advanced middle school math students this summer session.

You will explore a new innovative approach using project-based learning in your virtual classroom, where you will be paired with a trained high school assistant. Classes are small, with content designed to engage, inspire and educate students who are eager to be there.

At the end of the summer session, you may be invited to join the Undivided Teacher Fellowship Program, which opens the door to more opportunities for professional development, career enhancements, and exposure to new pedagogy, methods, and students from across the nation. 

During this summer session of The Biggest Winner Math Challenge, you will work three and a half days per week, leaving time to enjoy summer while learning and earning. Classes start in July and are held Monday through Wednesday, with a half day on Thursday for networking and professional development.

Educators of color and conscience are strongly encouraged to apply for a summer of math, fun, and professional development.

Middle school students, show off your math skills and earn badges and awards!

Math has never been this much fun!

Learn about real-world math as you explore buying a car, renting an apartment, or attending college. Did you know that math is everywhere?

Join peers from across the state as they choose their own cars considering all the financial options they have. This six-week program exposes students to the real-world application of math while gaining the skills needed for success in school and life.

More than 90% of parents over the past 2 years thought favorably of the program’s impact on their children.

This is the 4th year of this research pilot designed to close the excellence gap and address the learning loss during the pandemic.

This is an excellent alternative to social media or summer boredom for middle school students that love math.

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Students learn using videos designed for their enjoyment and engagement

Students in the 2023 summer session of The Biggest Winner Math Challenge will apply their math skills to a real-world challenge. As a team, they will watch a series of videos made in Massachusetts about Massachusetts teens. As they watch the video series, they will share their thoughts on the decisions that our characters are facing. The videos are engaging, entertaining and educational.

Learning was never like this. Throughout the summer program, videos curated from YouTube will highlight key concepts in financial literacy, life skills, and social and emotional learning.

Students from the past two years of the pilot have overwhelmingly enjoyed this new form of project-based learning. Locations are used across Massachusetts to teach students state geography. Sharing the experience as a class provides an open space for students to be authentic with peers across the state.